We have the privilege of partnering with different organizations as well as with senior executives, that have hired us at a personal level. With each one of them, we have worked to help them achieve their goals in the following areas:

Case Study #1: Transitioning

Being part of a transition can represent a challenge to any executive. This has been a recurring situation with our clients who seek new perspectives to define how to adapt to a transition within a Company, how to define the next point on their careers and/or how to create a personal balance to achieve professional effectiveness.

Client: Marisol Rodriguez
Channel Management Sub Director
Financial Industry

The executive coaching program was really useful, it helped me to organize priorities and move forward in every objective, not only professional but personal life.

With the valuable help of my coach (Raphaela) I could discover and change some “bad habits” that were keeping me out of my goals It was so effective that during the program I could get the new job I had been looking for more than a year.

I got valuable tools that I keep using continuously to achieve goals and keep the worklife balance that makes me feel satisfied and improving.
Client: Roberto Lerma
Marketing and Sales Manager
Automovile industry

Motus V2B provides overwhelming assessment and state of the art guidance for your personal and professional projects. Rest assured their human touch and reliable coaching will allow a smooth and easy way to execute your amazing journey.

Personally they helped me to structure and fine tune my personal project adequately, including efficient methods and formats.

Case Study #2: Effective Comunication

Lack of clarity or poor communication can turn into a derailing behavior. Several of our coaching engagements regarding this topic focused on developing an executive´s weaker communication and leadership skills which could be derailing behaviors or blind spots.

Operations Manager
Financial industry

It is a challenging and eye opening experience that is worth experiencing. On one side it helps you think, question yourself, and motivates you to make decisions. Coaching is key for identifying new opportunities that you have not seen before.

Case study #3: Leadership management

Developing or strengthening leadership skills is common in many of our coaching engagements. We have worked with executives who are looking to develop their leaderships skills in order to move up in the organization and need to explore new and different ways of achieving their aspiration.

Strategy Manager
Financial industry

I feel very pleased of 10 coaching sessions I had with Claudia Vallejo. I decided to start this process as I felt stuck in my professional career and I wanted to do some changes however, I wasn’t sure about the path to follow.

I’m keen on embracing changes, but things were not crystal clear at that point in time. Throughout the coaching sessions, I was able not only to get more clarity of the changes that were going to have a positive impact in my career, but also about opportunities I was missing to influence people and strengthen my position. Today, I have accomplished my short term goals in my professional career, and feel confident on how to face the upcoming changes to be successful. The coaching sessions were a crucial guidance in my career.