+ About Motus V2B

Motus V2B provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Consulting and Training & Development services. We adapt to our clients’ needs offering our services independently or bundled.

We partner with organizations that look to develop their human capital to satisfy their business needs and have the necessary agility to face changes.

Partnering with executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals to help them untap their potential and achieve their aspirations is our main objective. We challenge everyday thinking to explore what is possible.

Our purpose is to co-create strategies and solutions to navigate transition and changes as well as build up resilience. We focus on developing top talent, creating agents of change and building high performing teams.

Motus means change, movement and motivation, so whatever your objective or aspiration may be, our goal is to become your thought partner to go from where you are to where you want to be.

We are a team of certified Columbia University executive coaches and consultants based in New York and Mexico.

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+ Services

Executive Coaching: Is a powerful tool that helps individuals and teams explore possibilities and identify options to achieve their aspirations.

Leadership Consulting: Through leadership consulting we partner with you and your organization to create effective strategies and high impact solutions to generate successful business results.

Training and Development: Our leadership workshops will help your organizations with the tools your talent requires to achieve success and maximize their potential.

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We service clients in Mexico and New York, as well as virtually, anywhere in the world.

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Please contact us to understand your needs. We look forward to working together to craft a workshop that meets your unique needs at a team and organization level.